The annual calendar is punctuated with many wonderful seasonal holidays and celebrations. Each come with their own very unique traditions, however all the holidays share the same ritual of decorating our homes, retail and corporate spaces to immerse us in the festivities. IGBY Productions are seasonal styling experts and can offer a wide range of themed holiday and seasonal decor items for Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

We offer styling for visual merchandising spaces in retail settings, shopping centres, and stadiums, however, we also offer styling services for private residences. Designing environments to complement your home, fashion, or homewares, as well as activating windows in disused shops. We create captivating and immersive displays that effectively communicate brand messages and drive sales, or just make your home look festive and beautiful. Our creative solutions ensure that your space stands out.

Styling Seasonal Events and VM

Hire Range

With an extensive selection of seasonal decor available for hire, we cater to a wide range of styles and occasions. From festive ornaments to thematic props, our diverse collection ensures that every celebration or event is adorned with the perfect ambiance, effortlessly transforming any space into a seasonal wonderland.

Retail Spaces

Visual merchandising for retail spaces focuses on immersive experiences, engaging customers through layout designs, thematic decorations, and effective product placement. Attention to detail ensures the ambiance aligns with the brand identity while reflecting the season’s spirit.

Window Dressing

Window displays serve as the first point of contact with customers, requiring captivating setups that showcase products and evoke emotions. Creative use of props, lighting, and storytelling draws in passersby and leaves a lasting impression.

Corporate Trees

Seasonal styling for corporate trees spreads holiday cheer within office environments. From grand lobby installations to office decorations, our displays reflect the company’s values and culture while incorporating branding elements and sustainable practices.

Christmas Parties

Styling for Christmas parties blends festivity and fun. Decorations, lighting, and entertainment create a joyful and memorable experience, fostering camaraderie among attendees.


Themed visual merchandising creates immersive experiences, with consistent colour schemes and narrative elements reinforcing the brand message and enhancing the experience.