Usher in Your 40s with a Blowout Birthday Bash!

Recently, Bupa Life Insurance published a post about celebrating your 40th birthday in style, and we were one of the businesses they chose to highlight in the post. In our interview, we offered a few tips for honouring this momentous occasion and it inspired us to go into the topic in more detail. If you’re planning your 40th (or that of a loved one) make sure to read our tips!

It’s All About the Details

In our work, we do not let a single detail go unnoticed, from the banner welcoming guests to your 40th birthday party to the tiniest speck of themed confetti adorning your dining tables. We take so much pride in what we do, and we strive to make your bash every bit as special as you are. If you’re planning your own 40th think about what it means to you and run with that, you’re special day should reflect who you are and what you’re looking forward to in the coming decade! At 40 you are probably pretty sure about what you like so it is so easy to personalise the celebration with styling, music and food.

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Personalised Attention

Each event that we create is fully original, as will be your 40th birthday extravaganza. We work hard to make sure that your event is so uniquely you that your guests couldn’t imagine this party being for anyone else but you. Now is the time to pull out all the stops and revel in the excitement of turning over a new chapter in your life!

A trend we love is going away for a whole weekend of festivities, whether it be camping, glamping, or hotel accommodation, it’s wonderful to have a minibreak with friends to mark the occasion. There are some amazing camp grounds that can be booked out for large groups, you can then arrange activities, BBQs and parties over the weakened for your guests to participate in.


An Expert Touch
We have been in the event styling and management industry in Victoria for many years, so we have the expertise to create a bespoke event that you and your guests will never forget. Throughout our experiences over the years, we have seen and handled it all, so we can accommodate any inventive ideas you wish to throw at us to help ring in your new decade.

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Get in touch with us to start planning your big bash today, or read our feature in the article by Bupa Life Insurance, on the ‘Best Ways to Celebrate Your 40th Birthday in Style’._mg_7901